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Well Visits

Well Child Visits

Well Child Visits

At our integrative practice, wellness care or well child visits are performed according to American Academy of Pediatrics schedule of preventative care. We address areas of growth; development using standardized screening tools; diet and nutrition with a focus on whole, organic foods and vaccination discussions in which parents are given information on the potential pros and cons, allowing you to make an informed consent.

What do you do at a Well Visit?

At this visit, a through physical exam and history will be taken along with updates to family dynamics or social history. Your child’s growth and development will be reviewed using a development screening at regular scheduled intervals. A routine or customized vaccination schedule can be discussed. Laboratory testing is done at regularly scheduled intervals or as needed. We also address your review your child’s medical history. Any new or ongoing medical concerns will be briefly discussed but may need a return visit.  Well child visits are scheduled using AAP’s guidelines and occur at the following ages:

Why should your child have regular preventative visits?

Routine wellness exams allow us to monitor your child’s growth and development and cultivate a partnership designed to optimize your child’s health within an integrative framework. Having scheduled well exams appointments allows any health concerns affecting the child to be identified and addressed swiftly.

What is the benefit